Surf Fashion No-No’s

Surf Fashion No No No’s

March 6th, 2016

Surf Fashion2

Everyone has a surf style. Some people are into the surf fashion. Some are more goofy than others. Some are eclectic enough to pull it off. Some are just too much. These are a few extremes to look out for:

  1. Don’t tuck your suit into your Booties:

(This is not only funny looking, but water does not have a chance to flush out of your suit)

  1. Take of your gold chains or tuck them into your suit.

(You look like a Guido out there. Surfing is just not about the bling)

  1. Don’t wear gloves when the water is more than 60 degrees

(its nice to use your hands)

  1. UniGlow

(Matching colors are nice, but don’t try to match everything, unless its black of course)

  1. No Face-Kini

(Sun protection is awesome, wear it, but maybe not to the extremes of the Face-Kini! Dermatologists are making sunscreen with Zinc in it that works for 2 hours and 30 proof! Please don’t dawn the grim reaper mask unless you are in a dire dire situation)

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